Why #DeliverDanville

If you’ve ventured outside lately on an essential trip, you might have seen this sight: a deserted Downtown Danville.

While it’s easy to think that this is temporary, if we don’t take the right steps now, many of the restaurants and stores that make up our vibrant town will be gone—permanently. The idea that our future downtown could look this empty all the time breaks our heart.⁠

So we started #DeliverDanville.⁠

#DeliverDanville is an independent effort to help our town persevere, recover, and thrive. Even though we are in the midst of the Coronavirus, we need to start helping our Danville small businesses survive NOW—one day at a time. ⁠

Like you, we’re Danville locals who love this town. We’re an independent, grassroots group of creatives who work at The Den, right on Hartz Ave., and our favorite part of the workday is seeing downtown come alive during lunch hours and when the sun starts to set (there’s nothing quite like a quaint Downtown Danville happy hour). We want to make sure the amazing businesses (many of them family-owned) are still here once we’re done sheltering-in-place.⁠

That’s why we put together the #DeliverDanville Challenge—where each day for the next month we focus our support on 30 local businesses, to begin. The goal? By participating you are committing to give business to at least 10 of the 30 restaurants or shops. ⁠

Take the #DeliverDanville Challenge now by clicking the quick checklist and sharing your progress on Instagram and Facebook!

Take the #DeliverDanville Challenge now by downloading the checklist below and sharing your progress on Instagram and Facebook!

The Quick List