Stories and testimonials

Flower Theory

The biggest challenge I faced was the quandary of whether or not I should be open.  I consider flowers an essential part of mental health, and I knew I couldn’t sit around and watch an industry I consider so vital fall apart.  Being able to help local farmers has been so rewarding for me and my customers.

The outpour of concern and support has been unbelievable and has touched my heart. Being able to hand people flowers weekly and be told through the car window ‘this is the only thing that’s saving me right now,’ assures me the importance of flowers is real.

I’m not sure of the future of all this – but I know the support of the community helps make a future possible.

Locanda Ravello

At first, this whole thing seemed like a bad dream. We had to lay off 95% of our staff and it was heartbreaking. Upon checking our voicemail and seeing 30+ messages requesting takeout, we knew the community had spoken! It took us about a week to put together a plan of attack, how to survive as a restaurant and how to give back to the community that has been there for us since the very first day.

With that in mind we teamed up with local Danville real estate agent, Tracy Pisenti. Together with Tracy we donate around 40 meals a day, six days a week, to those in need: senior homes and centers, hospitals, emergency rooms etc. We are so proud to be able to serve the community and see those smiling faces.

We look forward to a time when we can open our doors to the public but in the meantime giving back to our community is a very close second. We have started a GoFundMe campaign called ‘Meals For All’ to continue this effort and increase our reach in the area! 100% of the proceeds go toward free meals for those in need.

Stay safe, stay home, eat takeout!

Mangia Mi

We are doing okay – just so sad for the employees out of work. We’re trying hard to make sure they have jobs to come back to, and support makes that possible.  I’m really appreciative of this community.