Tips And Strategies

We’re writing this on a Wednesday afternoon.  Usually we’d be sitting in our Downtown Danville office at The Den—a beautiful shared workspace in the historic Podva/Shuey House—and overlooking Hartz Ave. on a bustling, spring day.  Freshly revealed rays of sunshine would be drawing lunch crowds at cross-the-street Blue Line Pizza and a line would be forming out the door at the sandwich staple, Domenico’s.

This is not the typical Wednesday, however.

The Coronavirus pandemic has put an extended winter freeze on our beloved downtown.  Shops are closed. Restaurants are empty. Streets are desolate. This dangerous virus has done more than put our health at risk—it’s put our livelihood at risk, too.  This is especially true for local restaurants.

If you’re a Danville restaurateur, then you know the restaurants that make up Danville are in peril.  While there will be an end to this at some point, the most important thing that matters right now to you is making it one day at a time—so you can once again see a glimmer of light breakthrough and full tables.  It’s a marathon based on hope.

As creatives,  we’re always looking to find a hopeful story.  How do we connect people with the things they care about, need, and make them feel more secure—especially in a time like this?  In walking through this crisis side-by-side with our local restaurant clients and shops, we’ve found a lot of methods, tactics, and practices that have helped them stay afloat when the world around them is sinking.

Rather than keep these practices to ourselves, we thought it best to share them with the small business in the community we love.  Why? Because we want to be back in our office and overlooking the Downtown Danville we love so much—one that is beautiful, vibrant, and busy.

Here are several strategies that can keep your business going during COVID-19 shutdowns, and beyond: If you find yourself overwelmmed and/or stuck, reach out at and we will rally some ideas together. You are not alone.

Coming soon we are putting out a community Slack team where we can all talk together.